The Middle Research Report

TNON played a key role in the publication of The Middle Report (2017)

a study involving over 30 significant businesses operating in the UK to explore why ethnic minority middle managers were not progressing to senior leadership in equal numbers to their majority counterparts and what can be done about it.

The Report generates unique and game-changing insights garnered directly from stakeholders within large private sector organisations operating in the UK, and offers practical and nuanced recommendations to companies seeking to advance racial and ethnic equality and inclusion. One of these recommendations has been directly implemented through the Mid-Career Talent Accelerator, now in its fourth iteration. The findings and recommendations form a critical part of the research and evidence capital which informs TNON’s programmes and consultancy offerings. TNON has worked with several companies to help translate the Report’s insights into focused, practical programmes tailored to the client organisation and targeted to deliver effective transformation around equality and inclusion.

In response to the resurgence of the #BLM movement in 2020

the second edition was published featuring new material including five use cases and two frameworks for action as follows:

  • Case study 1: An ethnic minority-specific leadership and career programme
  • Case study 2: Tackling self-identification, Nationwide Building Society
  • Case study 3: Gathering data through focus groups, PwC
  • Case study 4: Leadership and authenticity, Accenture
  • Case study 5: Co-creating new narratives, Bloomberg
  • Framework for action 1: Empowering a collaborative taskforce
  • Framework for action 2: Building a race allies campaign

The Report has been widely covered by the press including People Management, HR Director, Business Leader, HR Review, Business in the News, HR Zone, Investment Week, HR Director and more.